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Behin Avar Manufacturing and Industrial Company with the brand name “Bafoam”   was established in 1996  to meet the needs of the foam market in Iran and started its activity in the field of foam production, production of polyethylene and EVA foam sheets, educational aid foam and toys. The efficient management team accompanied by experienced engineers made this company successful in the field of industry and innovation in the production of foam products.

اهداف بافوم تولید کننده فوم

Bafoam's aims,

Every Iranian has a foam product
ماموریت بافوم تولید کننده بافوم


Production of various foam products
مدیرعامل بافوم

Manager's message

I consider myself committed...
We have prepared special services for you

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برش خاص فوم

Foam cutting

Cutting all kinds of foam sheets
لمینیت فوم

Laminate foam

Adhesive and thermal laminate
سفارشات خاص فومی

Special orders

From design to implementation
Knowledge-based, we are looking for research and development.

The R&D unit is at your service.

Behin Avar, Manufacturing and Industrial Company, with a knowledge-based approach in the production of various types of foam and foam products, has formed the R&D unit of the company with the presence of graduates from the best universities in Iran.

In Bafoam R&D unit, graduates of chemistry and polymer in master’s and doctoral degrees from the best universities of the country, along with a group of industrial experts and using laboratory facilities, have carried out many activities in order to improve the knowledge of producing various types of foam sheets, which resulted an increase in the quality of Bafoam products.

Bafoam’s research and development unit welcomes your creative ideas for the production of new products, and after conducting the necessary tests, we will contact with you about sending the requested sample and announcing the result.

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