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With over 25 years of experience and continuous activity in the Iranian foam industry.

Foam is our specialty

Bafoam Introduction

Behin Avar industrial group with the brand name Bafoam was established in 1996. The first main goal of the company was to provide and supply the needs Iran’s foam market. The company has started the work by producing diverse types of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) and Polyethylene (PE) foam sheets. Behin Avar has always had advanced and highly qualified management and expert engineers in foam production’s industrial innovation that considered the company as a successful company in the region and global foam market. By having the most modern EVA sheets of production line machinery and a comprehensive export plan and marketing, the company has become the pioneer Iranian foam manufacturer to export EVA & PE foam products to different countries worldwide. With our devoted experts and high standards in our company, our slogan is: “Leading innovation, quality and diversity ” with endless effort.




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Customizing orders

Receptive to ideas and sample making

We want to hire!
Write to us at info@baafoam .com if you are interested in joining Bafoam Group.
We praise your ideas in Bafoam and we decide to shift your ideas to the reality by team creativity.
We request you to let us know your creative ideas about foam products and applications of foam in different industries and real lives that help to increase health, peace and life quality. Bafoam R&D unit  will develop and test your ideas and inform you to the best results.
You can ask Bafoam group for samples or services. In Bafoam group, we will contact you as our task and after checking your technical expectations we will respond and reply you.


بررسی ساختار و نحوه تولید و فوم‌های پلیمری
بررسی ساختار و نحوه تولید فوم‌های پلیمری 800 600 bafoam bafoam
بررسی ساختار و نحوه تولید فوم‌های پلیمری

عناوین تولید فوم‌های پلیمری ساختار فوم فوم در زبان انگلیسی به معنای کف است و در دانش پلیمر به کامپوزیت هایی اطلاق می‌شود که از یک ماده پلیمری به عنوان بستر و حباب های گازبه عنوان جز دوم کامپوزیت تشکیل شده است به طور کلی می توان فوم ها یا اسفنج ها را موادی با…

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Bafoam in the First Foam Expo Europe 2018 400 300 bafoam bafoam
Bafoam in the First Foam Expo Europe 2018

Bafoam in the First Foam Expo Europe 2018 One of the Exhibitors of the first foam expo in Europe in Hannover, Germany 16 – 18 October 2018 was Behin Avar Co. – Bafoam. for more … Behin Avar Co. – Bafoam the Only EVA & PE Foam Manufacturer from Persian Gulf region that took part…

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