Baafoam wallpanel of wrinkly patterrn

Bafoam wainscots of wrinkly patterrn are manufactured in order to increase the safety of children It is made of soft antibacterial foam without any sharp edges and spine. these foam wainscots are colorful and suitable for children minds and by creating a beautiful and safe environment, it will cause mobility, vitality and motivation in children. Bafoam foam wainscots have been produced according to the standards of the health department and welfare organization with the minimal amount of glue (150 G/m2). They can be easily installed on the wall by installers. Bafoam wainscots have also capability of being produced with nano Polyethylene Cover.


95 kg per cubic meter

level of hardness :


There is possibility of production in different hardship level and density depend on the type of application

Standard color:

blue,red,yellow,green and orange

There is possibility of production in different colors according to customer’s request

Standard dimensions :

50-meter rolls in width of 108 cm and a thickness of 6 mm

Possible to marketed in coefficient of 5 meter

There is possibility of production in different thicknesses according to customer’s request

Resistance to chemical and acidic detergents

Color resistance against washing

Resistance to water penetration and humidity

Easy to move and install


Totally hygienic and antibacterial

Kindergartens and baby play rooms

And many other uses

Baby Ball Pool

As the cover of column in children playing area to prevent from being hit