Automotive foam

Bafoam automotive foams are utilized in the automotive industry due to their sound absorbing, vibration dampening, lightweight and insulating properties. Commonly used foams for automotive components include: Open cell foams. They’re are widely used in car manufacture, offering real benefits in terms of comfort, protection and energy conservation.
Their durability and light weight, combined with their strength, make them ideal not only for cushioning purposes, but also within the bodies of cars, where their insulation properties provide protection against the heat and noise of the engine.

Diverse thickness, dimensions and colors

Diverse density with different level of hardship

Safe and standard

Thermal insulation

Good buffer and high strength

Capable of becoming sticky on the back side

As insulation against sound, hit in car door and roof

Production of car accessories such as air and lube filter, foaming gasket ,to caulk lamps and etc

As protection in car accessories like toolbox

And many other uses