Bafoam designed foaming mat of fruit pattern

Indoors and out, our EVA foam play mats are a great way to define the play area and make it safe. When you have a limited amount of space to give for the play space, the foam mats help give it dimensions – you can even set up a child-safe gate around it to keep the toys from spreading and the little ones from creeping into unsafe situations. When the kids learn that this is their space and associate it with comfort and fun, they’ll love to be there.
If your outdoor surface happens to be concrete, that EVA padding is twice as important to prevent falls and other mishaps from becoming serious injuries.

Color scheme:

Colors: Blue, red, orange, yellow, green & purple

There is possibility of production in different thicknesses according to customer’s order

Good buffer in order to safes playing areas

Compatible with sensitive skin

Chemical detergent

Water resistant

Can be locked on any side


Mental stimulus

Usable in kindergartens and play rooms