Persian alphabetical foam puzzle

Persian magnetic alphabet and number has been manufactured to learn alphabet and numbers easily for children and even adults .this package consists of capital alphabet letters, small alphabet letters, middle letters and last letters, word connectors, needed sounds and numbers from 0 to 9. In addition, more number of common alphabet are in this box. beautiful standard design, use of 6 various colors ,magnetic feature and large size of pieces lead beginners to enjoy making Farsi words and sentences. due to small size of pieces it is not suitable for children under three . pieces can be attached easily and made a part if it is needed in order to occupy less space.

Game purpose:

Easy teaching and learning Persian alphabet and numbers with making words and sentences

Age group:

Over 3 years old

Color scheme:

Colors: Blue red, orange, yellow, green & purple

Easy to wash

Suitable for kindergartens, play rooms and home