Foam dumbbel

Foam dumbbells are made in a compact design that is encased in soft, cushioned foam coating so the weights are easier to handle, and they don’t have the high noise impact that comes from metal against tile or wood. The foam coating helps protect your floors and provides an easy grip.
Like other free weights, Foam Dumbbells offer a quieter, more convenient workout with powerful results. They are great for the strength trainer who is conscious of workout time and ensures the optimum use of the available space. A full set of the Foam Dumbbells will allow you to quickly and easily transition between different weights.
The Foam Dumbbells are usually not designed for heavy, intense and strength training sessions; but rather for light training in a group exercise or rehabilitation environment.
Foam Coating offers advantages over other materials such as being less slippery when the user gets sweaty and having a better feel overall. Foam Dumbbells is also more durable making it a more desirable choice for long-term use.

Standard color :

Colors: Red, blue, yellow, green, orange & purple

There is possibility of production in both monochromatic and multi-colored forms

According to customer’s order

Diameter of each dumb-bell :

14.5 cm

There is possibility of production in diverse thickness according to customers order

Creating coordination, balance, strength, endurance and flexibility in the body

Chemical detergent

Color resistance against washing and sunshine

Water resistant


Light weight and high strength

Exercising inside swimming pool

Doing aerobic, fitness, Pilates and yoga activities

Suitable for using in swimming schools and gymnasium