Thermal inuslation foam

Bafoam thermal insulation foam is manufactured of high-quality materials and to its insulation against heat and cold leads in conserving energy uses.This foam is manufactured of high-quality material in the form of sheet and roll and it has diverse applications in building industry.

Diverse thickness, dimensions and colors

Diverse density with different level of hardship

High resistant

Used beneath parquet to minimize the sound of parquet and ground when they contact one another.

Floor , wall, door isolation in order to prevent sound transference in floors and apartments.

Conserving energy use due to its isulation against heat and cold.

Used in production of medical equipment like temperature and air ventilation(HME)

Used as protector in packaging instruments and medical equipment like laboratory dishes.

Used as insole in shoe industry(production of foam with open cells in order to prevent sweating.

Used as heat and cold insulation in gas and water pipe

Used in installation channel to decrease heat and cold transference and prevent freezing

Used around pipes beneath ground in order to prevent deterioration and energy wasting.

Used to cover leak in assembled construction , doors and windows

And many other uses.