foam of bag and shoes

Foam for bags and shoes has rough and diverse colors and due to its high strength against friction and potential of being good buffer has a lot of applications in shoes and bag industry. These foams have capability of being laminated by leather, fabric and suede.

Diverse dimensions, thickness and colors

Diverse density and level of hardship

Easy to wash & Chemical detergent

Abrasion resistant

Resistance to humidity and sweating

Totally hygienic and skin compatible

Can be laminated and sticky

Can be produced with cover of Nano-polyethylene

Use in the manufacture of medical equipment such as, humidity and temperature exchange systems

As a protection for packaging and keeping medical equipment, such as laboratory glassware protection

As shoe insoles in the shoe industry (the production of foam with open cells to prevent sweating)

As buffer on the middle layer of sneakers and trainers

As middle buffer layer in medical and sports shoes

As buffer in laptop bag (due to its eggcrate Model)

As an insole in production of comfortable sandals and hotel footwear

As a separator and protection layer in the production of bags, luggage, sport and travel bags

And many other uses