Medical foam

Medical foams are manufactured with high quality materials. Hygienic and technical principals have been considered in its production. Foams are used in medical equipment must normally have high density and level of hardship. Therefore, these foams are soft, flexible, resilient and without any tough and sharp surfaces. As a protector it has tremendous impact on keeping body organs stable.
Our knowledge of materials, design expertise and manufacturing capabilities allow us to work with customers to design and develop custom innovative solutions for the medical industry.

Diverse thickness, dimensions and colors

Diverse density with different level of hardship


Diverse thickness, dimensions and colors

Diverse density and level of hardship

Totally hygienic and compatible with skin

Used in production of medical equipment like temperature and air ventilation

Used as protector in packaging instruments and medical equipment like laboratory dishes

Used in Production of medical necklaces, belts, Knee strap , wristlet and shin guards

Used in production of medical and plaster shoes

Used in production of cover pad and scar protector like patches and corn patches

Used in production of cushions in wheelchairs, gurneys and hospital beds

And many other uses