Tatami Federation mat

Tatami federation mat is a type of foaming mod which places on harsh surfaces to provide appropriate circumstances for performance of martial arts and competitions. Bafoam ,with three decades of experience in EVA federation mod production , is the first manufacturer of these kind of mats in Iran. Provided that these mats have been a part of Bafoam Export basket since past few years, So far, it has been able to obtain great satisfaction from foreign consumers. Both sides of this product have spiral thread and it is produced according to the W.T.F. standards of the World Federation of Taekwondo. Despite the high strength. There is possibility of production in two colors, blue and red. according to the latest arrangement standard of the tournament, triangle design can be also applied.

There is possibility of production in different hardship level and density depend on the type of application.


Red & blue

There is possibility of production in different colors according to customer’s order..

There is possibility of production in thicknesses of 1.5,2 mm and more(up to 12 mm) according to customer’s order

For easy transportation, there is a possibility of production in width of 100 centimeters and maximum length of 300 meters

There is possibility of production in maximum width of 160 cm and length of 300 meters

Perfect Reversibility

High durability

Chemical resistant

Resistance to water penetration and humidity

Can be locked on any side

Color resistance against washing

High quality

Specialized gym for martial arts such as, Taekwondo, Judo, Karate halls