About us



Behin Avar industrial group with the brand name of Bafoam was established in 1996. The first main objective of the group was to provide & supply the needs of I.R. of Iran foam market. The group mainly started production of diverse type of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) and polyethylene (PE) foam sheets. Behin Avar advanced & high qualified management and expert engineers’ effort within foam production’s industrial innovation caused the Group a successful presence in the regional & global market. By using the best modern EVA sheets production line machinery and a comprehensive export plan & marketing, we were the Pioneer Iranian foam manufacturer to export the EVA & PE foam products to different countries worldwide. With our devoted experts and high standards within the Group, always we are keeping our words and Slogan: ” Leading in innovation, quality & diversity ” with endless effort.


Behin Avar industrial productive group with Bafoam brand is the pioneer of polyethylene EVA foam sheets manufacturers in Iran. It is appointed to become leader in providing diverse production of foaming products in international level by 1400 SH owing to reliance on knowledge, experience and expert human resources. The company is also look forward to achieve maximum value by flourishing production of new products and competitive advantages.
The company consider to convert to the greatest enterprise in EVA-LDPE foam industry in Iran by 1400 SH and also increase its products in comparison with existent capacity in 1395 SH ,by supporting and having Conscience, discipline, coordination, customer orienting culture, consistency of high quality as well as commitment to Iran flourish .

Mission Statement

Behin Avar industrial productive group with Bafoam brand is an experienced leading firm with special structure in production and design of foam products with EVA-LDPE basis and other relevant products that commit itself to play a constructive ,knowledge-based, creative, customer oriented and lucrative roll in foam industry and relevant products. the mission of this company is to preserve and improve fundamental values in different fields for example, production of diverse products of high quality, special and professional service and ethical treatment with customers, stockholders and employees.According to these factors, this company did research in national and international market and business sphere, applying modern and practical management methods, high productivity, new technology, cooperation with impressive manufacturers and suppliers give products of high quality according to customers taste to the market.

Organizational Goals
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    Constant transcendence in each and every sectors of company, flourishing the quality of products and achieving customer satisfaction and paying attention to human dignity.
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    Utilization of human resources and preservation of material and spiritual resources.
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    Doing different projects and plans and improving foaming products value.
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    Legislation, obeying internal rules in accordance with mission of the company.
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    Preserving and protecting the right of stockholders, employees, customers and other stakeholders.
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    Improving quality, completing product categories, innovation according to market needs in order to be more profitable.
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    Flourishing learning culture, creativity, constant improvement, cooperation and collaboration, knowledge base, responsibility and customer orienting.
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    Increasing production by developing productivity and improving systems.