Microcell foam sheet

Due to its insulation and high consistency against erosion, appeals to many industries, especially the production of bags and shoes. this product is produced in two type of simple and rough surface in diverse dimensions and colors.Bafoam microcell foam sheet has the highest thermal resistance in comparison with other foam sheets are manufactured by Bafoam and Its unique features have been made this product a cut above the other imported samples.


from 200 to 350 kg per cubic meter

level of hardness :

from 60 to 90

There is possibility of production in different hardship level and density depend on the type of application.

Standard color:


There is possibility of production in different colors according to customer’s request.

Simple surface dimensions :

150 * 100 cm with the thickness of 28 mm

thread surface dimensions :

160 * 110 cm with the thickness of 19 mm

There is possibility of production in different thicknesses (at least one mm) according to customer’s request.

Resistance to chemical detergents

Resistance to water penetration

Стойкость к высоковольтному напряжению

Resistance to high voltage electricity.

Bag and shoe industry

Production of industrial mat

Shipbuilding industry

military industry

Automotive industry

Use as buffer in safety shoes, boots and helmets

And many other uses.