New tatami mat

Bafoam new tatami mat is of high quality and flexibility, washable , a perfect buffer and it is used in kindergartens and different sport fields such as Karate, judo, gymnastics. this product is manufactured with Square and Wicker threads in diverse thickness and dimensions of 100*100 cm in order to meet dear customers’ demand. since these mods have lock around them, they can be locked together without any glue like puzzle.

There is possibility of production in different hardship level and density depend on the type of application.

Standard color:

Colors: Red, blue, yellow, green, orange

There is possibility of production in different colors according to customer’s order.

There is possibility of production in thickness of 20,25,30,45 mm with thread in both sides and in thickness of 10,15 mm with thread in one side

Chemical resistant

Water resistant

Easy to move and install

Not abrasive due to high quality material and

Perfect Reversibility

Thickness of 10,15,20 mm are suitable for using in kindergarten and play room and small areas with the capability of changing dimensions to 17*17*5 cm and 32*32*5 cm and 63*63 cm.

Thickness of 20,25,30 mm are suitable for gym floors of yoga, Zumba and martial arts such as karate, taekwondo and judo