Bafoam Parquet foam rolls

Bafoam Parquet foam rolls are manufactured and marketed by high quality and hygienic materials. this product is recognized by consumers as silent foam rolls. Bafoam parquet foam rolls have wide range of uses, such as foundation for parquet and wooden mat installation construction industry.Bafoam parquet foam prevent parquet from being damaged and increase its durability .


from 85 to 95 kg per cubic meter

level of hardness:

35 to 45

There is possibility of production in different hardship level and density depend on the type of application.

Standard colors:


There is possibility of production in different colors according to customer’s request.

Standard dimensions:

width of 150 cm ,length of 50 meters

There is possibility of production in thicknesses of 1.5,2 mm and more(up to 12 mm) according to customer’s order

For easy transportation, there is a possibility of production in width of 100 centimeters and maximum length of 300 meters

There is possibility of production in maximum width of 160 cm and length of 300 meters

Perfect vulnerable

High Cohesion and density

Insulation against humidity, heat and sound

Capable of being laminated by fabric, leather ,nylon, Metalize aluminium and etc

Resistance to chemical detergents

Resistance to water penetration

Insulation of sound, heat and the cold, between walls and floors , beneath the parquet

Beneath aviculture ceiling as an alternative for fiberglass

in the automotive industry as water-resistant insulation and sound proofing car doors.

It can be used As a reinforcement layer, the cover of sport shoes And the retaining and separating layer In bags and luggage in the saddler and bags industry.

And many other uses.