Section / Cutting

Behin Aavar industrial manufacturing group with the brand of Baafoam is offered foam Cutting services on different foam sheets such as, Polyethylene, EVA, microcell, mop .
Section is done according to consumer’s demand, vertical or horizontal, with diverse thickness and the least tolerance on sheets and rolls. these services that consist of section/cutting ,punching , cutting are done in diverse dimensions, thickness and pattern of simple or Egg Crate On different sheets or rolls in order to fulfill dear consumer’s needs.


We are producing foams which they are capable of being laminated with different types of leather, fabrics, Suede, Nylon, Metals and etc.
Tread Pattern applying, adhesive and thermal laminate and etc. is done by using the latest technology & machinery by Bafoam experts to the global market and clients.

Customizing orders / Requirements

Foam is a magic tool exists in main structure of industrial equipment and daily instruments. Although it is not always visible for us, Its diverse applications shouldn’t be ignored. Not only does Behin Aavar industrial manufacturing Co. produces foams with diverse dimensions and different features but it also offers services such as, cutting, splitting, thermoforming, lathing parts/accessories, CNC cutting , vacuuming, one side/double side adhesive laminating and etc.